Get Advice

If you need advice, information or guidance, the Kinship Care Advice Service for Scotland is here for you.

It’s easy to get in touch with us, in whichever way suits you best.

Call into your local Citizen's Advice bureau and ask for a referral to be made to the Regional Kinship Care Officer for your area, you can vist the CAS website to find your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau, this website will also provide information on Kinship Care. Where there is no accesible local bureau you can contact the helpline, see details below .

See below for other ways to contact us and relevant links.

Phone us

Give us a call to get advice on any issues or problems you’re facing, or to arrange an appointment.


Regional Kinship Care Officers

For more complex issues or ongoing problems, you should contact the helpline or a  regional Kinship Care  officer directly. They will be able to offer support in the way which is most suitable for you this can include, telephone calls and email. 

Ask Us to Call You

Complete the contact form and we will forward it to your local bureau who will contact you directly.  The information you provide will only be used for these purposes.


The Kinship Care Advice Service for Scotland produces various pieces of literature providing information which may be of interest to Kinship Carers. These include, leaflets, guidance sheets, newsletters and up to date news including changes to legislation which may affect Kinship Carers. We do this by making this information accessible via this website and using the following link to view our  Kinship Care Facebook page

Please see below for links to the information.