Our Services

Our Services

The Citizens Advice Scotland, Kinship Care Advice Service for Scotland, is made up of a National Coordinator, 4 Regional Kinship Care Officers and a dedicated Kinship Care helpline. The National coordinator looks after the day-to-day running of the service. Four Regional Kinship Care Officers, based in Aberdeen Citizens Advice Bureau,  Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau , Penicuik Citizens Advice Bureau and Dumfries & Galloway Citizens Advice Service provide up to date specialist advice and support to Kinship Carers and other professionals. The Kinship Care Advice Service for Scotland Helpline which operates Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm is provided  by Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau and will respond to enquiries and requests for support by a Kinship Care specialist Adviser.

The Regional Kinship Care Officers support Citizens Advice Bureaux to provide advice and information to Kinship Carers and will provide training to enable each bureau to do this. Where the Kinship Care situation is complex, as is often the case, a referral will be made by the bureau to the Regional Kinship Care Officers who will progress  the referral and seek resolve for their clients.The Regional Kinship Care Officers also offer support and training services to local authority staff, Kinship Care peer support groups and to other agencies whose services are used by Kinship Carers. This means that these organisations are kept informed of the circumstances faced by people who are looking after the children of relatives or friends.


The Kinship Care Advice Service for Scotland produces various pieces of literature providing information which may be of interest to Kinship Carers. These include, leaflets, guidance sheets, newsletters and up to date news including changes to legislation which may affect Kinship Carers. We do this by making this information accessible via this website and using the following link to view our  Kinship Care Facebook page

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Need More Help?

By accessing our publications you will receive more detailed information and you may find these useful. If you require additional support you can contact the helpline on 0808 800 0006 or ask at your local CAB Find a Bureau for a referral to be made to a regional Kinship Care officer. Kinship Carers can also ask their local authority for support.

When accessing support it is useful to know the legal status of the child you have care for as this will determine what support you may be entitled to.

Legal status is determined by how the child came to live with you and as a result of this the child you have care for will be classed as Looked After or Not Looked After. 

If you are unsure about this your social worker or local social work department will be able to offer you advice on the legal status of the child you care for.

Don’t worry if you are unsure about this as any of the supports mentioned above will be able to help you.

For further information please see our Publications page.